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New Recruit Class Beginning Soon

A new Recruit Class is scheduled for Fall 2018.

Spring 2016 Recruit Graduation

Spring 2016 Recruit Grads

The Flatirons Unit welcomed seven new Young Marines into the organization on 4/16/16. They completed a difficult 10-week training course, including two Physical Fitness Tests, swim qualifications, written homework and tests, and an overnight in the mountains. Congratulations to our Honor Graduate, PFC Beale, who went above and beyond. We are thrilled to have you all join the ranks! OO-RAH!

Times-Call: Young Marines train for years before enlisting.

National Young Marines Win Fulcrum Shield Award

The United States Department of Defense awarded The Young Marines youth organization’s Drug Demand Reduction Program the 2012 Annual Fulcrum Shield Award for Excellence in Youth Anti-Drug Programs.